“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3

Learning Spanish: Part of God’s plan

God takes our prayers very seriously. When we ask Him for something, we might never know the ramifications of that prayer. We can’t imagine how big the answer may be. My prayer went something like this: “Lord, I want to visit Argentina some day. But to do that, I have to learn Spanish first.” It wasn’t until looking back at the incredible way that God chose to answer my prayer that I was able to see that He really DID show me “great and mighty things” which I did not know!

How did that happen? My Dad was a preacher. When I was 10 years old, he and Mom, along with a group of several church leaders made a trip to Brazil and Argentina. They met a lot of wonderful people there, and kept in touch with some of them. The summer after my Freshman year at Chippewa High School, Esteban Gava, one of the pastors from Argentina, came to the States and spent some time with our family. I was immediately captivated by his accounts of a growing church, vibrant Christ-loving young folk, and passionate outreach programs. That’s when I prayed that prayer. I wanted to go to visit Argentina, but I’d have to learn Spanish first. One week later, when I went back to start my sophomore year, Chippewa High School offered Spanish classes for the first time in history! I was more than willing to switch from Latin to Spanish, and took three years of high school Spanish. Answered prayer? You can be sure of that! However, it never occurred to me that God wasn’t done answering it! He allowed me to learn Spanish not ONLY to visit Argentina when I was 21, but He also did the following “great and mighty things” because learning Spanish was part of His plan for me:

  1. He allowed me to marry a man from Argentina a few years later, who spoke only Spanish…and we could actually understand each other!
  2. He let me not just visit Argentina, but to live there and speak Spanish for 27 years.
  3. Not only did I speak Spanish, but we raised 3 children in that country, with Spanish as their mother tongue! Although they are all totally bi-lingual, we still talk almost entirely Spanish with our kids, who all live here in the States.
  4. He gave me many, many wonderful friends – all of whom speak only Spanish!
  5. He gave me the privilege to teach, evangelize, mentor and work for Him in Spanish.
  6. When we returned to the USA, He gave me full-time employment as a Spanish bi-lingual Customer Service Rep/Administrative Assistant for an international company here in Ohio. I use the Spanish I learned all day at work!
  7. He let me keep my full-time employment. When the country first experienced the present economic downturn, we were warned that we would possibly be working four days a week. The next day, my boss assured me, “Even if everyone in this company goes to four days, we need you here for five because of your Spanish.” Thank YOU, Lord!

Yes, God answers prayer. And He does it in a BIG way. When you pray, remember Jeremiah 33:3, and get ready to experience those “great and mighty things”!



  1. Carole says:

    I hope all this blogging will be the beginning of your book, and don’t wait till you’re over 90 to have it published!


  2. Bernice says:

    I am so enjoying your blog. God surely takes us seriously, my husband and I are still in the process of a prayer answered back in the 90’s. It has been a wonderful journey for us.


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