How Many “Ps” are in Your Pod?


Reading the account of the creation in Genesis 1 and 2, we can see a lot about how God works. It’s interesting to apply His method to our lives. Here’s what reading these chapters in Genesis show us about His work. It is always…..

PERFECT: Everything He created was good and perfect. He didn’t make any mistakes. I’m sure He didn’t have to go back and “redo” anything on those first 6 days of creation!

PLANNED: Everything He made was planned, down to the most minute detail. Nothing happened with a “big bang”!!

PURPOSE: Everything God created had a specific purpose. He didn’t make anything just because He felt like it. 

THEREFORE: I can apply His work method to my life. (Help me, Lord, to remember this EVERY DAY!)….

My present circumstances are good and PERFECT!

God PLANNED my life and every minute of it before the creation of the world!

The situation I find myself in right now has a PURPOSE!

So far, that’s three “Ps” in my pod. (PERFECT – PLANNED – PURPOSE) When I understand that God works that way, and trust HIM with those “Ps“, the fourth “PEA” appears: PEACE! …..That “PEA” is elusive, but when I trust God, it always shows up!! How many “Ps” are in your pod?


2 Responses to How Many “Ps” are in Your Pod?

  1. Peg says:

    And to think I never really cared for peas. I do like these and agree with them!


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