I have 11 nieces: they live in Canada, Minnesota, Ohio, Paraguay and Argentina. Every one of them is special, and I feel VERY blessed to have them in my life and love spending time with each of them. They have beautiful qualities that enrich my life.

Laura, Fabio and their girls Valentina and Vicki

I’ve been thinking of my niece Laura lately. She is Argentine, and is married to Fabio. They have two precious daughters. When we lived in Argentina, it was always fun to spend time with Laura and her sisters Natalia and Glenda when they were growing up. They are about the same ages as our three kids, so even though we lived five hours apart, our families were together as much as possible.

Laura is an encourager. Once when she was still a teen, she wrote Jorge and I a beautiful “Thinking of You” card that came just at the right time! In it, she encouraged us to keep trusting in the Lord no matter what the circumstances, and remember that He would provide for all of our needs. She assured us of her prayers and her love for us. I remember sitting in Jorge’s office reading those words, and I was in awe at the way God sent us that message exactly when we needed to hear it! My eyes welled up with tears, and my heart overflowed with thankfulness, and I’ll never forget how comforting those words were!

Maybe you have a “Laura” in your life: someone who inspires you to greater trust in God. Thank Him for that person!

Maybe you can be a “Laura” to someone. Ask God who needs a “Thinking of You” note, an e-mail, a phone call simply to remind them how good He is, to share one of His faithful promises with them, or simply tell them you love them and are praying for them.

Laura reads these blogs. In fact, just a few days ago, she wrote a very insightful, encouraging comment to something I wrote. She also gave me permission to write about her and post a picture. And because her encouragement means so much to me, I want to publicly give her a “virtual hug” and a big “MUCHAS GRACIAS! TE QUIERO MUCHO!”


  1. Carole says:

    I’m glad Laura could give you the hugs you needed because I wasn’t anywhere near you! 🙂 I love your (and my) nieces, too! We have several of the same ones. Very dear young ladies!


  2. liz says:

    You have ALWAYS been interested in me. And you don’t have to be! You are an excellent example of how family should be and I am privileged and thankful to be in yours! Love you!


  3. laura says:

    Dear Aunt!!! I remember that day when God Told me to write you and to uncle Jorge.
    I feel so bless to know i did the right thing that God told me to do.
    I fell bless to know I have a wonderfull family that God presents to me, that are my parents, sisters, daughters, hudsband, cousins, aunties and uncles. Thanks God for your life and the blessing you are for me. and the blessing that is to me read you blog ALWAYS.
    I love you and I bless your life in Jesus Name!!!


  4. Peg says:

    I love all my neices, also. Each one is special in their own unique way. And I know that God loves and cares for them all.


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