A week ago we purchased a new microwave oven. After installing it, Jorge said, “You’ll have to read the manual.” I was quick to say “Nah…” as I thought, “Why would I have to read the manual? I know how to use a microwave. After all, I’ve been using them since 1982. I can handle this.” So the manual sat, unopened on the table all week.

This new microwave has an “express cook” setting for 1 minute on the “1” button, for 2 minutes on the “2” button, etc. After complaining that “this microwave doesn’t let you do anything in time settings of less than a minute” for a couple of days, I finally discovered a +30sec button. That was better, but not good enough. I still needed smaller increments and kept mumbling and grumbling each time I wiped up spilled-over liquids. This morning, after cleaning up my boiled-over oatmeal, I finally gave in and opened up the manual. Almost immediately, I found the section on how to set it for however many seconds I need. That was so easy!

Jorge, having observed my frustration all week, simply commented: “There’s a good blog for you: Read the Manual”. “You’re right”, I responded as I enjoyed my oatmeal. I thought of how often frustration overtakes us, or we drown in despair. Worry and fear terrorize us and everything seems to go wrong. We try to figure things out on our own, and it just doesn’t go right. We complain and whine until something “boils over”! …All because we don’t take time to READ THE MANUAL – God’s Word. In Psalm 32:8, God promises us: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.”

No matter how many years we’ve lived the Christian life, and even if we think we can handle situations on our own, let’s consult His Word (THE MANUAL) every day, to get it right. In it we’ll find trusting in God replaces our fears; we’ll have peace in troubling situations; we’ll get guidance to abolish our perplexities; acquire His wisdom when we don’t know how to proceed,  and grace and strength when we think we just can’t go on….and SO much more!

Do you read THE MANUAL??


7 Responses to DO YOU READ THE MANUAL?

  1. Carole says:

    Good one!


  2. liz says:

    This is so true! There are so many things we benefit so much from knowing. It’s written down. We just need to read it….


  3. Peg says:

    I used to think only men didn’t read manuals and/or directions. Then I caught myself doing the same thing. I like God’s manual the best. It always has the right things we need in life.


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