I just found out that yesterday was “Tax Freedom Day”.  Here’s what has to say about it.

“Tax Freedom Day will arrive on April 9 this year, the 99th day of 2010, according to our annual calculation using the latest government data on income and taxes. Americans will work well over three months of the year—from January 1 to April 9—before they have earned enough money to pay this year’s tax obligations at the federal, state and local levels.”

My Mom was a published poet. She had a book of her life’s poetry published when she was 93 years old. Even though she had only an 8th grade education, in her poetry she expressed the tremendous insight she had on many topics. After she passed away, I found this unpublished – and probably unknown to anyone else – poem among her papers.

Mom's "Tax Freedom Day" Poem

She wrote of her plans to count her blessings until the REAL “Tax Freedom Day”, that day when she would take her final breath. Anyone who knew Mom can testify that she did just that: She often counted her blessings, and expressed her thankfulness to God for His goodness! Let’s follow her example and praise God for all His blessings until our real “Tax Freedom Day”, too!!

“Praise the Lord, O my soul! While I live I will praise the Lord…” Psalm 146:1,2


6 Responses to TAX FREEDOM DAY

  1. Carole says:

    Yes, I remember reading that, too. Can’t you picture her writing that on a tax due-date, frustrated because of all her paperwork that went with it?
    Mom sure had her way with words and thoughts! She was a deep thinker, and put down a lot of thoughts for us to think about, too.


    • Aren’t we blessed that she wrote so much? The past couple of days, Jorge and Adriel were working at Elsa Yovichin’s and she gave them a letter mom had sent her in 1992, to give me. It’s a real tear-jerker. About when she and Pop took us to Miami as newlyweds.


  2. Peg says:

    Sounds just like Mom! What a talent she had, and how well she used it. I can just see her sitting at her desk writing that!
    Maybe if we ever do a 2nd edition, we can include that one, too.


  3. liz says:

    It’s also sweet to see her handwriting!


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