For Mother’s Day, our country’s retailers are prodding both children and Dads to buy the very best for that wonderful woman in their life who deserves so much more than anything they could ever wrap up and put a bow on. Flowers, gifts, cards, or family gatherings all show their appreciation for that one most important and influential person: MOM. For most of my life, I assumed that Mother’s Day was an occasion for happy celebration in every family circle as it was in ours…then slowly, I began to realize the real truth: it isn’t always so. Anticipating Mother’s Day, I was thinking about various circumstances other mothers might be living: there are those who will feel loved and honored, and those who wish their Mother’s Day would be different, not having much reason to celebrate.

On This Mother’s Day

…there are moms who will be anticipating their child’s graduation in the coming weeks. Whether it is from kindergarten or with a doctorate, their hearts will be bursting with pride as their child walks across the stage. They will remember the effort that led up to this moment and know it was all worth it!

…some moms will be celebrating with their child’s new accomplishments; saying his first word, taking his first step, learning to ride a bike, purchasing his first home, getting that well-deserved promotion, or going overseas as a missionary. What could be more fulfilling than being part of that?

…there are moms who will be rejoicing in their child’s wise choices, mature decision making and willingness to hold on to the values she diligently instilled in him.

…there are moms who will thank God for their child’s physical health, spiritual maturity, emotional stability and His blessings on their life.

…there are moms who will feel the richness of their child’s love and appreciation for them, and realize that is one of the most valuable assets they could ever have! These moms are the Proverbs 31 moms whose “children rise up and call her blessed”. 

…These are the moms who will look at their child with awe and think: “What did I ever do to deserve such a wonderful child? He far exceeds my expectations! How God has blessed me!”

On this Mother’s Day, there will be another group of moms. Their situation will be different. They won’t receive bouquets, sticky kisses, bear hugs or gifts. No one will take them to their favorite restaurant, or even acknowledge the multitude of sacrifices they made as a mom. But it will be Mother’s Day for them, too!

…some of them will be sitting next to the window in their room at the nursing home, wondering if their child will remember them, at least today. It will be a very long day for them as they wait in vain. It will be Mother’s Day for them, too!

…others will be scanning the horizon for the return of their precious, yet prodigal child. Their hopeful eyes have done this umpteen times already, but their hope is intact, and even with chronic pain in their heart, they continue to wait. It will be Mother’s Day for them, too!

…another group will be visiting their child in prison. It certainly won’t be the Mother’s Day they would have chosen, knowing that their child turned away from the wholesome values they were taught. Even behind razor wire, and within cold prison walls, it will be Mother’s Day for them, too!

…some will be going to a rehab center to visit their child who is on the road to recovery from an addiction. It’s not where they would prefer to be honored as a mother, but it will be Mother’s Day for them, too!

…many women will be carrying the guilt and shame of having chosen to end the miracle of life that began inside them before that child had a chance to call them “Mom”. Others will be mourning the loss of a miscarriage or a stillborn child, and some moms will meet with the funeral directors to make arrangements for the burial of their child.  It will be Mother’s Day for them, too!

…there are those who will be selflessly caring for their chronically sick or permanently disabled child 24/7, just like they do the other 364 days of the year. Their years of selfless sacrifice may or may not be appreciated, but it will be Mother’s Day for them, too!

…some will be sitting at the bedside of their ill child in the hospital, both of them knowing all too well that this will be the last Mother’s Day they will spend as mother and child. Though their lips be silent, their hearts will be screaming out with searing pain. It will be Mother’s Day for them, too!

            God may have blessed you to be a part of that privileged group of moms who are proud, feel honored and loved, grateful that He allowed you to be part of something beautiful that was planned since before time began. It will be a day of celebration for you and your families; but please don’t forget that there are moms who are bearing unspeakable burdens, whose hearts ache, and have no reason to celebrate. Their pain is real, and disappointment permeates the very core of their being. As you enjoy this Mother’s Day, lifting up a prayer of gratitude to God for being dearly loved, please whisper a prayer for those moms who aren’t so fortunate. Reach out to them. Find a way to make them feel loved and appreciated, because IT WILL BE MOTHER’S DAY FOR THEM, TOO!



  1. Lilly says:

    Excellent post. I needed to read that today. Thank you!


  2. Carole says:

    You put it so nicely! Thanks for the reminder.


  3. peg says:

    beautifully written! And so true. And there are those mothers who chose not to have an abortion because their baby just might not be normal….who can rejoice because God blessed them with a wonderful little perfect baby in spite of what the medical world predicted. Thank God He is in control, and thank HIM for mothers!


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