I WONDER….Random Thoughts About Mom in Heaven…

My Mom was born 98 years ago today. In 2007 she passed into eternity, where years don’t matter any more. My mind roams and I wonder a lot of things about Mom in heaven…

I wonder if she is writing poetry in heaven…God gave her that beautiful talent that she used here on earth; doesn’t it just seem right to imagine her expressing herself poetically to continue praising the One who created her, loved her, saved her, held her hand, never left her, and after 95 years received her into His eternal presence? Maybe even with gold ink?…

I wonder what she said when she heard Jesus say “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”…I wonder what she did when she got her first glimpse of Jesus…I wonder if she is still in awe – maybe even speechless – seeing the fulfillment of God’s grace….I wonder if she has any regrets…I wonder what advice she would give her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren…I wonder what she would say to me personally if she could Twitter me…

I wonder how she reacted when she heard the thunderous praises of the multitudes around the throne…I wonder if she’s humming along as she always did while going about her daily tasks with that satisfied look on her face that we learned to love (even if we didn’t really like her humming!)…or if she’s shouting praises…

I wonder who all she met already: Sarah? Mary and Martha? (Maybe she’s sharing some poems with them – or writing about them) Isaiah? David? I wonder if she met her parents and siblings, or her twin brothers who died shortly after birth…I wonder how many people she met who received boxes of used clothes during the 30 years she so faithfully packed and sent them to South America…I wonder if she’s holding Dad’s hand….I wonder if she and my oldest sister Janet got caught up yet with all the latest news…(that might take a while!) I wonder if she’s anxiously awaiting our arrival…I wonder if she will be in the forefront of the welcoming committee when her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren that she so loved get there…..

I can wonder and imagine. I look forward to the day we can walk those streets of gold together, bathed in the light of the Son, free of canes, walkers, and hearing aids that she depended on in her latter years. Her aches, pains and Alzheimer’s will be long gone! Maybe we can go visit all those people whose lives she touched in some small way; maybe we’ll stand side by side in that countless multitude of the redeemed that sings “Aleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns! Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory…!” (Rev. 19:6,7)

Now I can only wonder and imagine. But one thing I am sure of: We won’t count our birthdays anymore and we will never tire of praising the Perfect One who sits on the throne forever and ever!…and Mom got a head start on us all!

Mom, Dad and I - when they still counted birthdays!


4 Responses to I WONDER….Random Thoughts About Mom in Heaven…

  1. peg says:

    What can I say, but AMEN! Yes, we all miss her. And for my part, I wish I would have listened more attentively to her words of wisdom even when I didn’t want to hear them…and watched her more closely live her life so dedicated to doing for others…. my wish list could go on and on. I’m just thankful to be able to call such a Godly women, MY MOTHER. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Carole says:

    It’s funny, but all day long, I pictured Mom singing in the huge angel choir, never stopping, and extremely happy. (Why not?)


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