A very busy day at work!

Returning to work on a Tuesday after a three-day weekend always means extra work. This time it was even more complicated because I took vacation time Thursday afternoon and all day Friday prior to the long weekend. I was facing a very busy day on Tuesday! Knowing what awaited me that day, as I spent time reading the Bible and in prayer, my frustration disappeared. Here is what I prayed:

Help me, Lord, in my “busyness” today:

  • Not to be stressed when I see how much there is to do.
  • To prioritize my tasks. Everything seems to be urgent. Help me to do the most important first.
  • To be kind. I have a tendency to be serious and grumpy when I’m overwhelmed with work.
  • To be wide awake, always watchful and well aware of the tactics the enemy uses to distract me, frustrate me, interrupt me.
  • To be wise: what I say, who I say it to, how I say it… (You promised wisdom!)
  • Not to be so concentrated only on myself and my agenda that I don’t see other’s needs.
  • To be thankful in all things!

Then I was reminded of Philippians 4:13, and thought:

DO I HAVE ANY REASON to think that I’ll be overwhelmed by work today? That it will be too much to handle? NO!! “I can do ALL things…”

DO I HAVE ANY REASON to think I have to do this alone? NO!! “….through Christ…”

DO I HAVE ANY REASON to think I have to work with only my strength? NO!!! “…who strengthens me.”

SO HOW DO I FACE THIS BUSY DAY? With a commitment to bless the Lord, just as David did in Psalm 34:1: “I will bless the Lord at all times (even in my “busyness”!) His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” (words that honor Him!)

Today is Thursday. I didn’t get caught up yet, and that’s OK. The most important things are being taken care of, and getting the right mindset helps… when I’m facing a very busy day!



  1. Carole says:

    Sounds like you need to take a vacation after doing all that “catch-up” work!
    I really think the prayers help calm us so we don’t stress so much about not getting it all done immediately. It just seems like things flow to get done that way.
    You’ll make it.


  2. Delia says:

    hola Kath!
    Alabo y bendigo al Señor cada dia por haberle conocido y creido en El!! sino fuera por el Señor!!! que sería de mi!! Te admiro! que bueno lo que escribis y me gusta estar compartiendo tus dias de esta manera,deseo que el te siga usando!! bendiciones!! Delia


    • HOLA!!!
      Que bueno saber que podes leer mis blogs, porque Juan dijo que no los podia abrir! De paso ejerces tu ingles. No dejo de maravillarme de lo bueno es DIOS, y todo lo que me esta ensenando, si tuvieramos tiempo, ambas nos quedariamos disfonicas con tanto hablar…Te mando un abrazo bien fuerte!!


  3. Janet says:

    que buena tactica para enfrentar un dia ocupado!! que bueno haberte conocido Kath,,, tus palabras en esta parte del blog me ayudan y me animan , que todo lo podemos en cristo que nos fortalese..!!!! todos los dias al levantarse Constanza le repito esas palabras todo lo podemos en cristo que nos fortaleze,
    Abrasos Janet


  4. Juan says:

    Me alegra ver que el don que el Señor te dió lo estés empleando. Lástima que el blog sea en inglés solamente.
    El Señor use estas reflexiones para el bien de sus hijos.
    Con amor, Juan


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