Mom's Waffle Iron Still Makes Scrumptious Waffles!

This past week we enjoyed some yummy waffles I made with my Mom’s now-antique waffle iron. I nostalgically recalled the many times she made the best waffles with it. I’m fortunate to have that same waffle iron now.

Each time I marveled at the beauty of the huge irises outside my front door a few weeks ago, I remembered how much my Dad loved gardening. These same plants were his: planted and cared for, along with dozens of other varieties of flowers and plants. I’m fortunate to have his irises and other plants in my flower beds now.

Three years ago, both Mom and Dad both passed away. They were 95 and 94 years young. They left other things for me, too: the silverware set he bought her a few days before their wedding in February, 1938 is one of my treasures. I also have Mom’s ancient Betty Crocker Cookbook, yellowed with age and full of her notes, drips, smudges and fingerprints. Dad also had a very extensive arrowhead collection that we siblings divided among ourselves, and my share is dear to me. The list could go on and on.

Thinking of the things they left me, I became increasingly aware that what really matters, and that I’m truly privileged to have is NOT the waffle iron, the silverware set, the irises, the arrowheads or anything else that was theirs. The “stuff” they left behind was just that. It was “stuff”. One day I’ll leave it behind, too.

Dad's Irises in My Front Flower Bed

What I value most cannot be held in my hands. I treasure it in my heart. I value their love for God and commitment to the Truth of His Word. I value their integrity, hard work and thankful outlook that they taught us by example. I value their lives of service, generosity and love they had for their neighbor – next door, or in another continent. I value the love they had for reading and learning, even till their last days. I value their commitment to each other; after 69+ years of marriage, and well into their 90’s, Dad still gave her chocolates on Valentine’s Day. This list could go on and on, too.

No, it’s not the waffle iron, and it’s not the irises. It’s who they were that – by God’s grace – helped make me who I am today. I thank God for having chosen the parents He chose for me, and now that they are gone, for showing me what’s really important to leave behind.



  1. Carole says:

    Amen to that! I think of that often, how much we learned from Mom and Dad without even realizing they were teaching it to us. That’s called example. I pray that those who come behind me can call me “faithful”, also. The waffles, irises, arrowheads, etc. just increase the memory of them, and reinforce what they taught us through the years. We are so blessed by it all!!


  2. Sherri Kroslak says:

    This is a very touching blog, Kathy. Thank you.
    I, too, am thankful for the “stuff” in the heart more than anything else. I am sooo thankful I still have my parents at this time in my life.
    I understand how loving and deeply caring your parents were for the souls and lives of everyone they were involved with. They certainly left behind valuables for many hearts in people who are still here, including Dan & I.


  3. Peg says:

    I love your blog! So often I think it’s not the stuff you can touch, but the stuff you feel in your heart that was passed down to us by example…and how often I fall short of Mom and Dad’s example to us! Somehow, the older I get, the more I appreciate the “little things” money can’t buy that I saw in their lives, and pray that I will be a good mentor to my children and grandchildren like Mom and Dad were to me.
    (I can give you a start of the pink rose bush with lots of thorns, that mom got from Grandpa Pamer. They are very fragrant, but very thorny, and I love them) We moved them from every place we lived. Keep up the blogging. I can’t believe how many times your thoughts echo my own…must be related.


    • I’d LOVE the rose! The one by the mailbox, right? If it’s that one, Dad gave me a piece of it to plant in Argentina, which I did, and enjoyed it so much! That rose always blooms around my birthday. Thanks!!!


  4. karen says:

    You and mom have been beautiful examples of Christian women to me. I would love to give you both a hug right now!


  5. Janet says:

    Kath que lindos tesoros….. eres una afortunada.. !!
    un dia de estos pasame la receta de waffles y tambien otras recetas practicas .. Gus se acuerda mucho de tus comidas dice que cocinas muy rico…..
    esto me hace recordar tambien que soy bendecida al tener mis padres vivos y Bendigo a Dios por ese tesoro de mama y papa. aunque ahora los tenga un poco lejos…
    Kath!! me gustan mucho tus lirios son muy bonitos


    • Janet!! Gracias por todos los “piropos” acerca de mis comidas! Si, un dia te paso la receta de los waffles. Tenes una wafflera? Yo tenia una en Argentina que se ponia sobre la cocina (no electrica) y andaba muy bien! Espero que esten bien y que Dios les este bendiciendo con toda bendicion en todas las areas!!
      Un abrazo!! kath


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