So…What Do You Do All Day?

“I work in the office of a manufacturing plant.” “Oh, that’s nice.”

“What do you do?” the next person was asked.  “I’m a teacher.” was the response.

Our retired friend got the same question: “What do you do all day?” “I’m working on a special hobby I wanted to do all my life. Now I have the time. Grandkids are pretty important, too…”

When asked the same question, the busy mom didn’t know where to start. Her list was very long!

“I go up and down ladders and try to do the best paint job ever.” That would be my husband’s reply.

“That’s all important, but what do you REALLY do?” You work, you enjoy life, hobbies and family. But what do you really, REALLY do? … Like, all day?

Fanny Crosby, blind hymnwriter (1820-1915)

I’ve always liked to read biographies. I’m finishing the autobiography of Fanny Crosby. (1820-1915) She was blind from her infancy and wrote around 9,000 hymns in her lifetime. Many of them are still sung around the world today. Reading her autobiography, I realized that she didn’t just write words. She lived them. She experienced them. Fanny could have been asked: “What do you do all day”, and she could very well have said “I write poetry.” But she didn’t! She expressed what she did all day so well in an old favorite hymn, “Blessed Assurance”. In that song she wrote: “This is my story, this is my song. Praising my Savior, all the day long”. Please take a few minutes to click on the link at the end of this post to see Third Day singing that truth in a live concert.

Yes, I work in the office of a manufacturing plant. You might be that retired person working on your hobby, or the teacher, or the busy mom who doesn’t know where to start. That’s what we do all day. But what God REALLY wants us to do is to praise Him while we’re doing what we’re doing. Fanny Crosby got it. The psalmist got it. He prayed in Psalm 71:8: “Let my mouth be filled with Your praise and with Your glory all the day.”  When we make this prayer our prayer, then we will be doing what we were created to  do… praise Him all day long!


7 Responses to So…What Do You Do All Day?

  1. Carole says:

    Even the word “praise” is such a positive word! Puts us in a positive mood, positive outlook on the day…
    When we praise someone else, they’re feeling on cloud 9. Think of how much our praises are echoing in glory when we praise Him!
    You just made my day open up a little bit more like a blossom opens. Thanks


  2. heidiannie says:

    Brother Lawrence referred to this at experiencing the “presence” of God.
    Living each moment in His presence, giving over our daily tasks to eternal values by doing them with God’s glory in mind.
    I apply this consciously in my life when baking- I pray over the batter, praise in the shaping and confess during the kneading. This has become my habit, but when I started it 30 some years ago it was with determined effort.
    We can praise God in all aspects of our doing- it just takes recognizing His presence and place in our lives.
    Good post!


  3. francis says:

    thanks again. I need an encouragement so I came here, and i got it:) now i can go enjoy life.


  4. peg toth says:

    I love to read about Fanny Crosby. Makes all my problems seem so insignificant. What an awesome person she was to have written so many hymns with so much encouragement. Thanks for the post.


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