WEEKLY READING PLAN Sept 6 – 11 ….. Feeling Alone?

Here we have another series of verses to read. They are precious promises that we can lean on when we feel alone. Read them, meditate on them, praise God for them, write them down, memorize them! If you don’t have your Bible handy, look them up on www.biblegateway.com. It’s a wonderful resource to find any passage, in any translation. Have a wonderful week, Trusting in God’s great precious promises!

MONDAY: Isaiah 41:10. Besides the promise that God is with us, what other promises does He give us in this verse? See if you can find three of them. _______________________________________________

TUESDAY: Deuteronomy 31:6. Besides this promise that God will be with us, what other promise can we claim in this verse? _____________________________________________________________________

WEDNESDAY: Joshua 1:9. A reason not to live in fear: God is ____________________________________

THURSDAY: Psalm 139:7-12. Where can I go? The Lord will be with me even ________________________

FRIDAY: John 14:15-18. Jesus promised that we will not be _____________________________________

SATURDAY: Hebrews 13:5. We can have contentment knowing that ______________________________

BONUS!! Genesis 39:2,3,21,23. What did Joseph experience even in this horrible time in his life because God was with him? ____________________________________________________________________


2 Responses to WEEKLY READING PLAN Sept 6 – 11 ….. Feeling Alone?

  1. Carole says:

    Hey, there. Check out Thursday’s Psalm 13:7-12.
    Mine stops at v. 6. 🙂
    (But it did make me read other places to check what you might have been referring to.)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love you!


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