WEEKLY BIBLE READING PLAN – Sept. 13-18 Knowing God Better (1)

We’ve started a new series in our Sunday School class that is about knowing God better.  The next few weeks’ reading plans go hand-in-hand with that and will remind us of WHO God is and what He’s like. If you don’t have your Bible nearby, you can always log on to www.biblegateway.com and read the daily verses in any version.

MONDAY: Nehemiah 9:6. We can praise God because He is the ______________________________.

TUESDAY: Isaiah 45:5. God is worthy to be praised because He is the ____________________________.

WEDNESDAY: Daniel 7: 9 and Isaiah 9:6. In these two passages we see He is ______________________.

THURSDAY: Psalm 89:9 points out two of God’s characteristics. He is _____________________________ and __________________________________.

FRIDAY: 1st John 4:16: It’s reassuring to know that He is a _______________________________ God.

SATURDAY: Romans 3:26 tells us three things about God. Can you find them?  He is ________________;

He is _____________ and He is our ________________________________________.

BONUS!! Deuteronomy 7:9. Because He is a ____________________________ God, we can rest in all of His promises forever… and ever… and ever…. and ever ……PRAISE GOD!


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