Time passed, and the day came when Jorge and Adriel packed the car, the trunk and luggage rack with Adriel’s belongings, and they left for Cordoba. Totally by faith….They took all the money we had to make the trip, find an apartment for Denise and Adriel, set up housekeeping for them, and leave them enough money to live on for at least a month. They took it all. All $700 dollars we had! We all knew that it wasn’t nearly enough, but it’s all we had. We didn’t know how God would work this out, but we trusted in His promises to provide for all our needs. Those promises were our guarantee.

Just a few hours after the lasts hugs were hugged, the last recommendations were given, the goodbyes were said and my tears were wiped away as we waved them off, God brought us the guarantee of His faithful promises right to our door. The mailman brought an envelope with the biggest monthly offering we had ever received in our 20-some years of missionary service! It was $2,400. Immediately I called Jorge, who was as awe-struck as I. We agreed that Dino (our youngest son) and I would catch the overnight bus and meet him the next morning in Cordoba.

Our hearts overflowed with thanksgiving to our ever-faithful God as we found an apartment for Denise and Adriel, paid the down payment and first month’s rent, furnished it with the bare essentials, filled their cupboards and refrigerator and left them enough for their daily needs for the first month! Not only that, but God faithfully provided for their financial needs every day during their entire college careers! God emphatically showed us that His promises are the only guarantee we need, and we praise Him for that eternal truth. He is faithful! He is good! His promises are the ONLY guarantee we ever need in any situation! Praise Him for His faithfulness!



  1. Carole says:

    Every time I hear this story, I get tears in my eyes! God is soooo faithful to His promises to us. It’s happened to us, but never to this extent!
    Praise Him for the lessons He gives us.


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