For the last interview, our reporter chose a very interesting gentleman. One of the most religiously correct and well-educated people of his day, Saul of Tarsis dedicated his life to persecuting the true believers in Jesus Christ. He was passionate about the wrong things. He mistakenly thought that his goodness depended on his religiosity, on who he was…until he had an amazing encounter with Jesus, who turned his life around (even changed his name to Paul) and empowered him to become one of the most famous evangelists in history and the author of much of the New Testament. Paul was a very focused man. I can imagine the interview going something like this:

REPORTER: “Paul, how can you explain the dramatic change in your life? You formerly persecuted the followers of Jesus, and now you’ve dedicated your entire life to teaching others about Him. What happened?”

PAUL: “That same Jesus met me when I was on a mission to turn His followers in to the authorities. Blinded by a tremendous light that surrounded me, I fell to the ground. In complete surrender to Him, I asked Him what He wanted me to do.”

REPORTER: “How amazing! What did He tell you?”

PAUL: “He simply said to get up and go into the city that it would be told me what to do. From that moment on, I realized that all my religion, my self-righteousness, my accomplishments were nothing compared to the love that Jesus has for me. He gave everything up, and even though He was sinless, He died to pay for the sins of the whole world – and more importantly, of MY sins! That realization gave my life a brand new meaning, and new direction!”

REPORTER: “Doesn’t your past plague you? You were religious and sincere, but wrong. You mentioned at one point that you were the “chief of sinners.” What is the ONE THING you do to keep on going with that kind of past now that you’ve changed?

PAUL: “The ONE THING I do?… “Forgetting the past, I keep focused on the goal: The prize at the end of the race. I keep going forward with faith in Christ, in His strength, and trusting in His righteousness, not my own.” (Philippians 3)

REPORTER: “You mentioned the prize. What is that prize?”

PAUL: “To become like Christ!”

REPORTER: “Hummmmm…..”


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