We’ve outgrown our front office parking lot at work. There are days when it’s all filled up by the time I get there, and I have to park behind the factory in an unpaved lot, then trek through weeds and pass through the manufacturing plant (with safety glasses and the appropriate footwear) to get to the office.

But yesterday was different. It was chilly and drizzly as I pulled into the last parking place in the front parking lot a few minutes before 8 AM. With a quick “Thank you, Lord!”, I wondered if I’d still have a place after going to the Post Office to pick up the mail at 9 o’clock. I reluctantly pulled out of my place at 9, concerned that a visitor would come take my place. I envisioned myself lugging a USPS mail bin through the rain, the weeds and the factory upon my return….and nursing a sore shoulder from cleaning my horizontal blinds so enthusiastically a few weeks ago.  So I prayed: “Lord, I’d sure appreciate a parking space here in the front office lot when I get back from the Post Office…” Of course, I thought, if He wouldn’t have a place for me, and I would have to park way in the back, I wasn’t going to lose my joy over that!! But it sure would be kind of nice!

Twenty minutes later, returning from the Post Office, not only was the very same place that I pulled out of vacant, but the space beside it was, too! Two empty parking places when I only asked for one! I almost laughed out loud at how God answered my prayer! Twice as much as I asked for! I was SO grateful as I unloaded the mail bin, I nearly skipped and danced all the way into the office with it! While going in, I was thinking what an amazing God we have! He not only answers prayer, but He does MORE than what we ask for! He is proved to me again that He hears and answers EVERY time I pray to Him, no matter what the “size” of my request. And those answers to “little” prayers motivate me to pray even more, and trust HIM for big answers to the big prayers He’s chosen not to answer yet.  

One of my favorite promises that God left for us in His word is found in Jeremiah 33:3: “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and might things, which you do not know.” He proved it to me yesterday with twice as much as I asked for!



  1. Carole says:

    I like these kinds of “surprises” God gives us!


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