“Now godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain that we can carry nothing out. And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content.” 1st Timothy 6:6-8

The small thatched-roof hut was nestled between banana trees and other lush tropical vegetation, surrounded by reddish dirt. After bumping along a back road through the Brazilian countryside, we saw the farm. When he heard us arrive, the homeowner emerged, with open arms and an ear-to-ear smile that revealed his joy.

As newlyweds, Jorge and I were visiting my cousin Chuck Pavkov and his family, who were missionaries in Vianopolis, Goias, Brazil. I was 23 years old, and this was a very real exposure to life outside of the USA. Chuck carved time out of his busy schedule to take us to visit some of the people they were working with, and this gentleman was one of them.

Maintaining the same joy that he expressed when he met us, our new Brazilian friend ushered us into his one room home. By our standards, he was poor. Very poor. Curiosity caused me to glance around the dim hut. Dirt floors. No electricity. No running water. No paint on the mud-adobe walls. Furniture? Sure, he had some. He had one very small, rustic table, and a matching chair, no doubt the products of his own creativity. That’s all I saw. But he was content. We visited with the farmer for a short time, and then moved on; yet I couldn’t get the “poor” Brazilian gentleman out of my mind.

That night at church, I recognized our new friend. His joy was intact, his smile just as broad. Although I don’t understand Portuguese, with my knowledge of the Spanish language I could capture everything he prayed at the prayer meeting. Kneeling on the tile floor, beside a hard bench, in the dimly lit church in Vianopolis, this dear brother in Christ had tears streaming down his cheeks as his gratitude spilled out in prayer. He thanked God for “all my riches…for everything You gave me…” , as though he were the richest man on the planet.

Immediately, as the picture of his house popped into my mind’s eye, I was stumped. “Riches?? What riches? Everything?? What’s that all about? He doesn’t have anything! What does he have to be thankful for?” At that moment I started to understand that having a huge, comfortable home, multiple late-model vehicles, an above-average income and a sizeable retirement account aren’t at all necessary to be considered “rich”. God used the contentment and expressions of gratitude of this godly Brazilian farmer to show me that true riches are matters of the heart. They are grace, joy, godliness, contentment, thankfulness…and above all, the eternal inheritance we have reserved for us in heaven through faith in Jesus Christ (1st Peter 1:3-5). THOSE are true riches!

Finally, I understood…that “poor” Brazilian farmer WAS rich…VERY RICH!


5 Responses to WAS HE POOR?…OR VERY RICH?

  1. Janice Herren says:

    Thanks Kath, for the reminder of how truly rich we are!!
    Your devotions are such a blessing. Keep it up cuz!!


  2. elizabeth says:

    I had so many similar experiences in Argentina and Paraguay and Brazil. We have skewed perspectives so often… Thanks for the reminder!


  3. liz says:

    This reminds me of many similar experiences I had in Argentina and Paraguay and Brazil. Our perspective is often skewed… thanks for the reminder!


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