Cell phones – what did we ever do without them? They’ve become quite a necessity! After a certain period of usage, my cell phone sends me a warning bleep when the battery is getting low, reminding me to recharge it. So I plug it in, let it soak up the energy, and after a short time it’s ready to go again. No doubt, most all phone owners experience the same. We have to be diligent in recharging them.

How about our eternal souls? They need recharged, too! The stress of daily life; dealing with situations beyond our control; having to make hard decisions or going through circumstances we would never have chosen…all those things drain us! We may not hear the warning bleep, but we know our strength is waning, and we, like our cell phones, need recharged on a regular basis.

The Psalmist was referring to the Lord, the Good Shepherd, when he wrote “He leads me beside the still waters. HE RESTORES MY SOUL.” (Psalm 23:2,3) Letting Him lead us into a place of quietness is the key to the restoration of our soul. It’s good to turn everything off: the radio, the TV, even the cell phone…and be still beside the refreshing water of His word, praying to our God, who restores us and gives us strength to go on.

Being diligent about plugging the cell phone into the charger is the only way it will always be useful and have a strong signal. In the same way, letting God restore my soul daily will keep me strong. Venting with my friends doesn’t restore my soul. Busyness and incessant activity will never restore my soul. Reading self-help books will not restore my soul. Good times with family don’t restore my soul. Nothing can do it…Only the time I spend beside the still waters with God restores my soul. The Psalmist was right:  “HE RESTORES MY SOUL”!



  1. Sherri Kroslak says:

    WOW! Great applicable analogy! Love you Kathy! Thank you for your uplifting “stories”. I love them!


  2. Carole says:

    It’s a good thing we can be recharged by “plugging” into our Bibles each day and restoring our own souls. Thanks, Kath


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