Turkey and dressing…check
Side dishes…check
Bread, drinks, dessert…check, check, check
Decorations, seating…check, check

Sure! Hearts! Everything else on our thanksgiving check-list has been taken care of. But are our hearts prepared? Are we ready to celebrate a day of genuine thanksgiving, or simply enjoy a bountiful, scrumptious meal and a day with the family?

Here’s an idea to prepare our hearts. Make a Thanksgiving acronym. Take a piece of paper and write the word THANKFUL vertically on the left of the page. Place the paper in a visible place where family members frequently circulate. Maybe you can hang it on the refrigerator. Then when anyone goes by, they can write down something they are thankful for beside the letter it starts with. To give you a jump-start, here are a few Jorge and I came up with:

T – teeth, time, tears, toes, trust
H – health, happiness, hearts, hands, heroes, hope
A – air, aunts, arms, amigos (We are thankful for our Spanish speaking friends!)
N – names, numbers, neighbors, nurses
K – knees, knowledge, kindness
F – faith, favors, friends (We are thankful for our English speaking friends!)
U – Umbrellas, uncles
L – love, life, laughter, light

You got the idea. See how many things you and your family are thankful for. Be creative! Be thankful! Don’t forget the most important item on your Thanksgiving check-list. Prepare your heart!



  1. Carole says:

    I love that idea. Think I’ll share it with some kids in my charge to see what they might come up with 🙂


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