Snowstorms across the US and Europe caused thousands of flights to be cancelled. Hundreds are buried in the severe mudslides in Brazil. Extreme floods brought extensive destruction in Australia. Major storms pop up all around the globe, and any survivor of a storm of that magnitude will testify that their life was changed because of it.

Though not weather-related, we all experience life-changing storms: job loss, terminal or chronic illness, the unexpected loss of a loved one, a major turn of events and many similar circumstances cause us to cry out to God. That’s exactly what Christ’s disciples did when a great windstorm threatened their safety as they were crossing the lake with Jesus. His words “Peace, be still” caused the wind to settle and “there was a great calm” (Mark 4:39). That incident changed the disciples’ lives. They witnessed the power of His word first-hand.

 Storms change our lives. When like the disciples, we cry out to God, He still speaks words of peace.  We listen for His voice, devour His words, cling to His promises, memorize the Scripture, trust it, obey it, share it, pray it. When like the disciples we go through the storm with Jesus, experience His peace and calm, we witness the power of His word, and our lives are forever changed for having been through the storm…with Him.



  1. 3yovichins says:

    Wasn’t this storm before He met the man with the Legion demons? I submit that the Lord allows “storms” to cause extreme dependence on him in order to give us life-changing assignments like casting Legion into a herd of pigs. Thoughts?


  2. Carole says:

    I love your comparisons to our everyday lives. Thanks for bringing the “old” and the “new” thoughts together like this.


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