A Geode

Did you ever see a geode? On the outside a geode looks like an ordinary rock, somewhat spherical and usually rough. When it is cracked open, the interior beauty is incredible. Colorful sparkling, pure crystals are revealed. Several years ago, while living in Argentina, we had the privilege of “mining” geodes in the small town of Wanda, Misiones, in northeast corner of the country. Wanda is on the shore of the Parana River, and famous for its geode mining.  There it is not unusual to break open a round rock and discover its inner beauty. Semiprecious stones (such as amethyst) are hidden inside a rough, ordinary shell.

Most people are familiar with the “Proverbs 31 Woman”. Reading about her, we discover the portrait of a woman who lives a life of inner beauty. Her qualities are listed with no mention at all of outward beauty. In fact, the comment made about beauty in that chapter is that it is “passing”! The ideal “Proverbs 31” woman may even be less than beautiful by the world’s standards…BUT her inner qualities far surpass anything that can be seen with the eye! What she has on the inside can be perceived when she talks: wisdom and kindness; goodness, generosity, discipline, honor, strength, creativity, a strong work ethic…aren’t all of these things far more desirable that “passing” outward beauty and charm? She is a geode!

I’m fully aware that I don’t possess outward beauty. Age-related wrinkles, sags, a few curves too many in undesirable places are obvious. Nonetheless, that doesn’t concern me. I get the geode concept. Common, ordinary and less than stunningly beautiful on the outside are perfectly fine with me, as long as I have real, internal beauty; the kind mentioned in Proverbs 31. Now THAT’S a geode! That’s what I want to be!


4 Responses to BE A GEODE

  1. Carole says:

    I’d love to have my “geode” shine through the outer layer!


  2. 3yovichins says:

    You are, Kathy! If those reading your blog could be just half the woman you are…


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