One morning this past week, as I was spending some time in the Word, this declaration that Jesus made popped right off the page. “And you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you; for you shall be repaid at the resurrection of the just.” Luke 14:14 (NKJ)

Jesus gave a whole new meaning to being “blessed”. Did you ever think that you would be blessed when you don’t get repaid? When you do something for someone who will NEVER be able to pay you back? That’s contrary to our thinking and our culture, isn’t it?

Immediately my mind went to our missionary friends in Japan who are engaging in some intense clean-up after the recent earthquake and tsunami. The people they are working with lost everything, and will never be able to repay them, but….they are blessed!

Then my thoughts traveled to Southeast Asia where my nephew and his wife are translating the Bible in the middle of a tropical jungle for a people group that is in darkness. Both professionals, left their careers to bring light to a community of indigenous folk will never be able to repay them…but they are blessed!

I remembered another couple that is dear to us. They are both physicians. Leaving what could be very lucrative careers, they are headed to an African nation to serve a people that doesn’t have the means to repay them…but just ask them, and they will tell you how blessed they are!

Still thinking of Africa, another dear couple came to mind. They are both pilots, and even though they could both work in their field here and live comfortably, they are on a mission to use their training and skills to benefit another group of people who will never be able to repay the sacrifice they are making….but they are very blessed.

So I kept thinking of other selfless people who are giving with no possibility of repayment: my friend who works with imprisoned youth… the single lady who gave up a promising career to be a “mom” to dozens of orphans in Brazil…the well-to-do Swiss lady who spent many years teaching the natives of the jungles of Bolivia about Jesus, then founded a Bible School in Argentina…they will never be repaid by the people they serve, yet they are all SO blessed!

Thank God, that’s not the end of the story. They WILL be repaid! Not only they will be repaid, but all those who have served – and serve even now – people who have no means to repay them. And the payment will be very good. It will be eternal…they will enter into the joy of their Lord, the One who they served so unselfishly!



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