One More of God’s Singers Went Home

Ana Nemec - One of God's Singers

My mother-in-law was a singer. She had a beautiful voice, and used it to sing praises to God. In her younger days, she often sang solos in church. As she aged and couldn’t do that anymore, and too weak to even leave the house, she spent hours listening to old hymns by her well-worn cassette player.

On Saturday, Jorge talked with his mom for the last time. Her voice was weak and her words were slurred; she was physically incapable of singing a song of praise, but with the phone on “speaker”, across 8,000+ miles (from Argentina to Ohio), we were able to rejoice with her as she made tremendous effort to repeat over and over, “Gracias a Dios”. That’s all she repeated.

Today, one more of God’s singers went home. She was anticipating her home-going for the last few months. She often expressed a longing to be with the Lord Jesus, who saved her at a young age and faithfully and lovingly held her hand for so many years. Ana Nemec was 85 years old. Now she is singing with a perfect voice, praising God. I’m sure her song is loud, and clear and beautiful…

Click on the link  to hear a wonderful old song that I was reminded of today: “When All of God’s Singers Get Home”


13 Responses to One More of God’s Singers Went Home

  1. Gustavo y Janet says:

    nuestras condolencias a ustedes ,abrazos desde aqui, los queremos mucho, Dios los bendiga


  2. Lilly says:

    Our sincere condolences on the loss of Jorge’s mom, your sweet mother in law. I’ve never heard that song; thanks for posting it. It’s a good one. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve your loss. Gracias a Dios for a life well lived!


  3. Carole says:

    Although this is sad for us, there is a choir who could hardly wait for her beautiful voice to join in their praises! Our prayers go out to you and your kids, as well as Jorge’s family there in Argentina. I can still see her sitting on the hill in our back yard by our tiny evergreens, visiting with us, and sooo happy in the Lord. I’m thankful we had the opportunity to know her. Love to you all.


  4. peg toth says:

    I can just hear it now…with mom singing alto and dad the bass. All rejoicing and singing the song of redemption. love you.


  5. 3yovichins says:

    I’m so sorry for Jorge but am happy you spoke one last time. Please apologize for me calling him to come give me an estimate when he should be mourning & spending time with his family. Thanks…


  6. Martha says:

    I was very young when I met her, but I can remember her talking away to me in Spanish as if I understood every word! And even thought I DIDN’T know a single word she was saying, I could tell that she loved me and wanted me to know it somehow. My sympathies and prayers for you all, Aunt Kath, and especially to Uncle Jorge.


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