The prophet Isaiah wrote that Jesus came to give beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3), and in Ecclesiastes we read that God “has made everything beautiful in its time.” (Ecc. 3:11)

It takes time for a squiggly, crawly caterpillar to be transformed into a dainty butterfly with fragile wings.
It takes time for a miniscule seed to grow into a healthy plant and produce a plethora of vibrant colors.
It takes time for seemingly dead branches to burst into a lush shade tree or a flowering shrub.
How does that beauty happen? God takes the unattractive and makes it beautiful…in His time.

We look at Joseph, Job, Esther, Peter and see that they, along with many others throughout history, experienced seasons of “ashes” in their lives. We marvel that God transformed their unpleasant circumstances into something beautiful…in His time.

How about us? Maybe we don’t see anything beautiful about what we’re living. We may be in a season of confusion, change, uncertainty or loss, and it seems as though we are camping out on top of an ash heap. We wonder if things will ever be different. They will be…in His time.

Let’s trust in the One who came to give beauty for ashes. Our Father God specializes in making everything beautiful in His time. We just have to wait. He will do it! He promised! One day our ashes will be a thing of the distant past and we will rejoice in the beauty that replaces them…in His time.


2 Responses to BEAUTY FOR ASHES – In God’s Time

  1. peg toth says:

    that really is encouraging. Thanks for posting. Love you.


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