Reading in Exodus and Hebrews about the life of Moses, I was reminded that God has a plan and will do whatever He needs to do to fulfill it. Think of it this way: God’s plan was to lead His people out of the slavery of Egypt, into the land He promised to Abraham centuries earlier. God’s man was to use Moses, who was born just at the right time to step up to the task.

You might ask: “Right time? You mean when Pharaoh commanded the midwives to kill all of the Hebrew male babies that were born? Right time? Are you kidding? Doesn’t sound like the right time to me!” Of course it was the right time. It was GOD’S time. He had a plan, and it wasn’t going to be thwarted. Right from the get-go, even though Moses was born into a very dangerous situation, (that GOD was in control of, don’t forget…) God’s hand was on Moses to protect him and to prepare him for what only God new was down the road. It was God’s plan!

It was not chance that Moses was born exactly at that place, in that point of history; that the God-fearing midwives were bold enough to NOT kill the male babies as the king of Egypt had commanded them.

It was not chance that even though his mom hid him for three months, he wasn’t found. (Anyone who has had a baby knows how loud they can holler…)

It was not chance that he had the hard-working, committed, concerned mom he had. With asphalt and pitch, she transformed the ark of bulrushes into a safe place for her defenseless baby.

It was not chance that Moses didn’t become a crocodile’s lunch as he floated in the river.

It was not chance that Pharaoh’s daughter saw him. Maybe his mom lovingly placed him in that exact spot on purpose.

It was not chance that the princess found baby Moses, and allowed him to be nursed by his own mother – and pay her for doing that!!

Just as with Moses, God’s plan will always be fulfilled in your life and in my life. Governmental mandates won’t change it; murky, crocodile-infested waters won’t alter it; detours along the way will never annul it. Don’t ever think that difficulties happen by chance. They are all part of God’s plan….and that plan will always be fulfilled.



  1. Marlene says:

    Amen and Amen!


  2. Janet says:

    cuando leí esto justo me estaba preguntando muchas situaciones ,como ,por casualidad vivo en el sur tan lejos de mi familia,en esta casa en este barrio ,mi hija tubo que nacer acá ,muchas preguntas me hago ,mientras leo esto estoy mas tranquila,
    gracias Kathern


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