Once Moses was convinced that God’s plan was to free His people from slavery in Egypt and that he was to be their leader, (with his brother Aaron as the spokesman) things started happening.  Moses met with Aaron and told him about God’s plan. Together, they gathered all the elders of Israel “And Aaron spoke all the words which the Lord had spoken to Moses.” (Exodus 4:30) As a confirmation, and by God’s power, Aaron did signs (God-inspired miracles), by which the people believed. Knowing that God heard their cries, saw their affliction and started to execute His plan of deliverance was the best news they had ever heard! “Then they bowed their heads and worshiped.” (Exodus 4:31)

This event in the history of God’s people is a pattern for true worship. We read in Exodus 4:30-31:

  • The people heardall the words which the Lord had spoken” when Aaron related the plan to them. They understood what God had planned.
  • The people saw that God is Almighty, through the miracles Aaron performed as a confirmation.
  • The people believed.
  • The people worshiped.

The pattern was plain and simple. They heard. They saw. They believed. They worshiped. They were totally unaware of the fact that they laid out an example of true worship, but it is one that sincere believers in Jesus follow even now, thousands of years later. Can we truly worship God if we don’t hear – or read – His word? Can our worship be sincere if we don’t see how He has worked in the past, and is working right now? Can we genuinely worship God if don’t believe that He hears our prayers, sees our affliction and has a plan in place for our lives?

Let’s follow the simple example they unknowingly left for us. Let’s hear God’s word. Let’s observe His works. Let’s believe Him with all our hearts. True worship will be the natural result!


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