The prophet Jeremiah served God’s people for over forty years, but his warnings were not taken seriously. He was put into prison, cast into a well, and exiled against his will. Rejected by everyone around him, Jeremiah stood alone and obeyed God faithfully. In chapter 3 of the book of Lamentations, attributed to Jeremiah, we read some of his most comforting words of testimony that encourage Christ followers  even today, after so many centuries. One in particular stands out:

I called on Your name, O Lord, from the lowest pit. You have heard my voice: ‘Do not hide Your ear from my sighing, from my cry for help.’ You drew near on the day I called on You, and said, ‘Do not fear!’ “ (Lamentations 3:55-57)

Many of us have not experienced the trials and pain that Jeremiah had; probably nothing even close to them! But when we are in our “lowest pit” (whatever that might be), these words give us comfort and assurance! Remember this:

GOD KNOWS all about that LOWEST PIT!
GOD HEARS ME when I call on His name from the LOWEST PIT!
GOD DRAWS NEAR ME when I call on Him, even from the LOWEST PIT!
GOD SAYS “DO NOT FEAR!”  when I’m in that LOWEST PIT!

Let’s praise God for these comforting words – even if we are in the LOWEST PIT!


4 Responses to FROM THE LOWEST PIT

  1. Dory says:

    Love your encouragement when you send them out.
    Love you


  2. Janet says:



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