SEEING GOD MORE CLEARLY – Insight from a Nonagenarian

Mom reading at 94 yrs. of age

My husband Jorge and I returned to Northeastern Ohio to live after 27 years in Argentina and 1 year in Puerto Rico, partly to live with my parents and help them out; they were nonagenarians at the time. (Nonagenarian: somebody 90-99 years old) By that time, Mom’s mind was not clear; she was 94. She had dementia and very often confused people, dates, and places. She didn’t know who we were most of the time; even so, she enjoyed reading. Mom was an avid reader since her childhood, and to the end of her life here on earth, she would often sit at the kitchen table with a magnifying glass, reading her Bible or a favorite book. Sometimes I would read to her. On one of those occasions, she suddenly had a few moments of clarity and remarked: “I think sometimes God takes things away from us in order to have us see Him more clearly.”

Mom was right; loss isn’t always a bad thing. At the time she made that statement, she had lost her independence; she lost her ability to even dress herself; she lost many of her family members who passed on to eternity; she no longer enjoyed her mobility. Macular degeneration took its toll on her vision, and if she didn’t have her hearing aids in she couldn’t understand us even if we shouted. Her coherent mind was a thing of the past. She had a lot taken from her… but she was OK with that, because she saw God clearer!

Job agreed. After all the loss he suffered, coupled with tremendous physical pain and accusing friends, he was in the restoration process when he declared to God: “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.” (Job 42:5) Sometimes when God takes something away from us, it paves the way for a clearer vision of Him, His work in and around us, as well as His love for us.

Don’t think loss is always bad. When God takes something away from you, be on the lookout! It might well be that He wants you to see Him more clearly. And that is good!


3 Responses to SEEING GOD MORE CLEARLY – Insight from a Nonagenarian

  1. Carole says:

    Mom loved her relationship with the Lord. She knew He was beside her daily. Thanks for her reminder for us to see things more clearly when something is taken away. Aunt Em said the same thing when she had her brain tumor on her optic nerve and lost her sight.
    Thanks and may God continue to bless you with these encouragements!!


  2. Delia says:

    hola kath!! El te bendiga mucho!! muy buena tu refleccion!! que bueno recordar lo de Job!! generalmente hacemos lo contrario!! Este fin de semana estuve en Basso con mi mama, con 86 años, esta bien, pero estaba triste ver su deterioro fisico, normal de la edad, y x tu reflexion aprendi que ver como Job, Dios da Dios quita, y para nuestro bien y pensar mas en el mas alla, para estar con el (que es muchisimo mejor) como nos cuesta?!!
    Besos y cariños


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