At my place of employment, it’s quite normal for the vendors who supply components and materials for our industry to come in with goodies: candy, chocolate, snacks, donuts, and sometimes even lunch for the entire office! One supplier in particular has the habit of visiting us every Friday around 9 am with a few dozen donuts, which sure don’t last long!

We got used to this vendor’s weekly visits and his generosity; he became known as “The Donut Man”. This week, for some reason, he visited us at the beginning of the week…without donuts. Most of my co-workers didn’t even realize he was there.

This morning, Friday, around 10 am, someone yelled out, “Hey, where’s the donut man?” Because I opened our locked door to let him in a few days ago, I replied, “He came in earlier in the week.”  From one end of the office to the other, several more got involved in the conversation, which continued within everyone’s hearing. “Why did you even let him in if he didn’t have any donuts?” “He should know better than to come without donuts” “How are we supposed to get through the morning if he doesn’t bring donuts?” The remarks were made jokingly, but it seemed that they forgot that we didn’t earn or deserve the donuts! The comments fizzled out after our insightful receptionist declared: “That’s OK, I told him we like him if he brings donuts or not.”

Immediately I thought: Sometimes we treat God like The Donut Man. As long as He’s there, bringing us “donuts” (whatever gift or blessing that might be that we want, or are used to) everything’s good! But when He DOESN’T show up with what we expect, how do we react? Do we think we deserve what He so graciously gives us?….that He owes it to us?…are we disappointed? How about if we follow the receptionist’s example and love Him if He gives us “donuts” or not?…

4 Responses to “THE DONUT MAN”

  1. 3yovichins says:

    I wish I had a donut man! I’ve heard of the vending machine God but never the donut God. Really liked your connection to this every day experience.


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