Draw Near to God

It is good for me to draw NEAR to God” (Psalm 73:28)

Our grandsons LOVE their grandpa, and they affectionately call him “Lolo George”. They love to spend time with him in his garage, checking out all the tools and learning to use them, roasting marshmallows with him in the wood burner and just being with their Lolo George. They follow him wherever he goes. Over dinner, they listen, wide-eyed, to stories grandpa tells of when he was a little boy, (usually with a moral application tucked in…) and enjoy every minute they spend together. So it was no surprise when we were watching TV with the boys after dinner a few weeks ago, to see 3-year old Milos suddenly jump off the sofa without a word and run straight over to the recliner where Lolo George was sitting. There he hopped up onto the recliner, squeezed right in beside Lolo George and had a look of total satisfaction on his little face as he experienced Lolo George’s embrace. And there he stayed, with  Lolo George enjoying it just as much as little Milos!

That act immediately brought to mind the fact that as God’s children, we bring joy and satisfaction to our Father God’s heart when we “draw near to Him”; when we chose to be close to the One who loves us and we make that move to be in His presence…just because we want to be with Him!

Please take a few minutes to listen to this beautiful song titled “I Just Want to Be Where You Are”


4 Responses to Draw Near to God

  1. Peggy Onnen says:

    Thank you for this sweet story about the grandchildren loving their grandfather!! I find great comfort in knowing I can go to my Father and He welcomes me everytime. What a blessing!
    I love you, Kathy.


  2. Janet says:

    gracias por compartir esto, es muy tierno!!


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