Yesterday I learned a very important lesson; one that I wish I had learned many years ago. I came to the realization that little blue fingerprints are OK. It was OK that I found them on our bathroom sink the morning after our 2 grandsons, ages 3 and 5, were here. It’s just fine if they stained my kitchen table – in spite of the newspaper we had covering their work area. Little blue fingerprints are good. They are a reminder that young boys had fun painting a craft with Lola (that’s what they call me). They are also a reminder that one day, when they are grown up and I’ll have passed on, they’ll look back and say “Remember how much fun we used to have doing crafts with Lola?”

When I discovered the little blue fingerprints yesterday morning on the bathroom sink, my first reaction was a huge smile, recalling their delight as they painted their little wooden crocodile and lobster. As they painted, they asked, “Did you get one for you, Lola? Why don’t you have one to paint?” I really didn’t know what to answer them!

Looking again at the residue of their fun smeared on my bathroom sink, my though process took a turn. I saw their dad, Adriel, around their age, leaving little fingerprints, muddy shoe prints and other traces of a fun-loving preschooler, and unfortunately I saw their mom (me)…agitated, grumbling, and begrudgingly wiping up after him. Fingerprints weren’t so cute back then.

Thankfully, Adriel grew up to be a normal, Godly, responsible dad; I also matured. Now I realize how quickly time flies; read Psalm 90 if you need to be convinced of that. I learned to value happy kids over a spotless home. The little blue fingerprints are still on my bathroom sink and on the kitchen table, a reminder of fun times. And maybe I’ll just leave them there.



  1. Peg says:

    Oh, my, can I ever relate to that! I find I really love the little (and bigger) finger prints on the wall, on the white back door, on the bathroom counter top, down the basement stair walls, etc. because I can feel the love those little fingers have for me with their hugs and “bye-bye’ waves when we leave their house. And the love I hear in their voices saying, “I love you and Papa so much”. I guess what I really found out is that once our priorities are straightened out, everything becomes so refreshing. Thanks for sharing your joy with us in having fun with your precious grandsons. May God bless you all, as He is blessing all of us.


  2. Carole says:

    Isn’t it funny that you’d want to keep those fingerprints from grandkids, but cleaned them up for your own little kids (while being irritated about the mess they made?) I have some that Brandon (almost 20 yrs) left me when he was old enough to find a little hatchet and hacked out some of his work on the arm of a bench. Somehow it’s taking me a long time to get rid of his little trademark. I’m glad you have the blue fingerprints to remind you of their happy little faces!


  3. Janet says:

    jajaja que lindo!!! la Abuela tere (mi mama )tambien recuerda las marcas de un marcador negro en sus sillas blancas muy blancas ,en donde constanza dibujo y no salio mas , cada vez que mi mama llama dice: aca tenemos el recuerdo de Constanza en las sillas blancas con marcador negro.


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