Talking with one of my cousins not long ago, we were catching up on happenings since the last time we visited. She lost her husband to cancer, and experienced a series of unfortunate events since then. In spite of the hard times she went through, she was absolutely exuberant as she recounted how faithful God was – and continues to be – as He shows His goodness to her and her 17 year old daughter.  She mentioned that they are living out the truth of Psalm 68:5 that assures us that God is “a father of the fatherless, a defender of widows”.  If anyone would understand that aspect of God, it would be my cousin; she grew up fatherless also, having lost her dad in a tragic accident when she was a young child. Her mom passed away suddenly a few years ago, so she really is a fatherless widow!

She pointed out that it’s one thing to read that verse; it’s quite another to live it out when you have no one to turn to. Not a dad. Not a husband. Not a mom. No one. That’s how she is really learning to lean on God and trust Him for every detail of her life, and that God is allowing her to experience Himself in a way that she never did before.

Recalling our conversation, I thanked God that I had a loving, godly Dad until just a few years ago, and that I have the most wonderful husband….but I also had to ask myself: “Shouldn’t I also depend on God the way my cousin does anyway? Shouldn’t I embrace Him as my father, sustainer, provider, guide, and comforter as though I didn’t have anyone else?…” Hmmm…

God give us all the grace to depend on Him 100%, and not on others! THEN we’ll see new facets of His goodness and faithfulness that we’ve experienced before. Just ask my cousin!



  1. Peg says:

    How true this is. It’s easy to rely on your husband, but do we really rely on God as much as our husbands? Makes you stop to think! I’m so thankful to have had the same loving Dad you had. And I’m thankful to have the same loving God that you do. Love you much!


  2. Arlene Taylor says:

    I have never found it easy to rely on others but I try to rely on myself too much. What an honest reminder that our loving Heavenly Father always knows what is best for us if we just rely on Him and the messages he brings even thru our loving friends! Love you my friend!


  3. Janet says:

    Muchas gracias , Kathern , te quiero mucho


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