“Your eyes have seen all that the Lord your God has done…so will the Lord do…” Deuteronomy 3:21

By looking back, we can be certain that our God (who NEVER changes!) will work in the same way in the future. Moses experienced that, and we can, too! When I have questions, doubts, concerns, I simply look at what God has done for me in the past. The monologue goes something like this:

Will God take care of me in the future?”
*   I’ve seen God lavish His goodness on me too often in the past…why would I ever doubt His care for me in the future?
“Will God ever let me down?”
*   I’ve experienced God’s faithfulness too many times up till now, to think He would ever fail me!
“Will God maybe give up on me?”
*   I’ve witnessed God’s work in my own life throughout the years in such a way that I cannot believe that He won’t finish the good work He started in me.
“Does God really hear my prayers? Will He answer me?”
*   I’ve received too many answers to even wonder if he hears and answers me!
“Will God lead me when I don’t know what to do?”
*   I’ve been led by Him to many times to think He would expect me to forge my own path!
“Will God carry me through this valley?”
*   I’ve been carried in His everlasting arms too often to think He’ll not uphold me now!
“Will God comfort my heavy heart?”
*   I’ve rejoiced in the comfort of God’s Word too many times to sulk in any situation.
“Will God always provide for my needs?”
*   I’ve marveled at God’s provision on so many occasions that I can’t even imagine Him expecting me to try to cover my own needs.
“Will God fulfill His promises?”
*   I’ve seen so many of God’s promises become reality, that I cannot doubt even one of them!

Praise God! He does NOT change, and that is why we can have reassurance for the future.



  1. Carole says:

    I just sent this on to a dear co-worker whose son just passed away yesterday. He had a long history of medical problems, but no matter what, his Mom always had a smile on her face! He would have been a senior this year in high school. I know it will be an encouragement to her right now! Thanks for putting your words together so beautifully.


  2. Peg says:

    Thanks for all the reminders. So often we take all of God’s goodness for granted. How humbling to realize how much He really does for all of us. Thanks, thanks, thanks.


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