Asaph, one of the Psalmists, had incredible struggles trying to figure things out; to make sense of the prosperity of the boastful and wicked; of the violent and the ungodly scoffers.  He chronicled his struggles and his victory over them in Psalm 73. When I’m trying to figure out the “why” of situations I think I need to understand, I turn to that Psalm and think of it as a dialogue with Asaph.

ASAPH: “When I thought how to understand this, it was too painful for me – until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I understood…” (verses 16,17)

In God’s presence? What happened there, Asaph? What did you understand?

ASAPH: “Well, I put things into perspective. Up until then my heart was grieved, I was vexed in my mind, I was so foolish and ignorant… (v.21,21) but that was all before.”

Before? Before you understood? So there was a “before” and an “after”? How did you get to the “after”?”

ASAPH: “I remembered 4 important truths as I prayed to God. I told Him:
* I am continually with You.
* You hold me by my right hand.
* You will guide me,
* And afterward You will receive me to glory.” (v. 23,24)
“You see, when I am with God, He changes my heart to see HIM, and not my pain. He gives me hope, assurance and eternal perspective!”

“Even if you never figure it out? Even if you never understand? Are you OK with that?”

ASAPH: “You know what I’ve discovered? God is the strength of my heart…forever! And it is GOOD for me to draw near to Him. I trust in HIM!” (v. 25-28)

 “Really, Asaph? So you don’t need to know why?”

ASAPH: Here’s what I figured out: I have no one in heaven but God; and there is no one or nothing on this earth that I want to hold on to besides Him. Only HE will guide me and receive me into glory (v.24-26) …even if I never get an answer to my “whys”.”

“Thanks, Asaph, for the insight and inspiration! You sure helped me figure it out!”


2 Responses to FIGURING IT OUT

  1. Delia says:

    hola Kath como estas??? siempre leo tus blogs, no te escribo porque generalmente lo hago rapido, estan los nietos tocando todo y no me dejan en paz, ahora esta Ursula subida a la silla y llorando que no puede bajar, tengo que suspender todo te mando un beso grande te quiero mucho!! bendiciones!!


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