I work at a manufacturing facility ( in the customer/technical service department, translating customer issues (Spanish-English) for the engineers, as well as their replies. This is done by email or phone, and continues until the problems the client has with our machines at their hatchery are resolved. This past week my boss, an electronics engineer, and I were giving technical support to a client in Spain. (Disclaimer: I am NOT an engineer. I always tell them I’m better at translating a recipe for a chocolate cake than I am for an electronic device!)

This client in Spain had purchased a new, unprogrammed computer to use for communications with their equipment. Our challenge was to program their new computer remotely so it would communicate with their 22 machines. To do that, a web-based program was used so our engineers can have complete control of their computer; however Agustín, the engineer working for the client, had to give us his username and password. With that, my boss had total access to the client’s new computer in Spain, and worked on getting it programmed for the job it was intended to do. The client’s part was simple: give us the username and password, and let the expert do what he does best to make it operable.

Each time I participate in this process, it amazes me that our engineers, who developed the program for the client’s computer, can literally be an ocean apart, separated by thousands of miles, and remotely work on the client’s computer to program it or fix whatever needs fixing in order for it to communicate with their machines.

That scenario reminds me that we also need to be “programmed” to do the job we were created to do, or sometimes we need resolution for a humanly impossible situation. God is The Expert who created our “system”, knows better than anyone else how it should function, and does exactly what needs to be done to make us operable and productive for Him.

However….we must give God our username: (heart) and password: (surrender). Then HE will move the mouse, check all the right boxes, click as many “next” buttons that He has to, in order to accomplish what only HE, our Creator, can do.

5 Responses to REMOTE ACCESS

  1. Janet says:

    Muy bueno!!! te mando un abrazo 🙂


  2. Peg says:

    I really liked this post and the analogy is great! Thanks!


  3. Martha says:

    Well, being married to a man who also does those controlling sessions with his clients, I could totally relate to this post!! This past week in particular, God had to ask me several times to hand over my user name and password and let Him control my computer. It wasn’t easy and I tried to fight it several times, thinking that I knew where to “click”, but when I finally did give in and let Him do His work … wow. It all flowed smoothly and things were back up and running the way they should have been! Thank you for this reminder!


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