RELAXATION DRINKS: Can You Really Find Calm in a Can?

The focus of a recent Dr. Oz show was “Relaxation Drinks: Can You Really Find Calm in a Can?”  Through personal testimonies, professional assessments and an investigation from Consumer Reports, he had an excellent presentation of this relatively new product that’s on the market.

It was mentioned that there are already 300+ brands of Relaxation Drinks, which can be ordered online or purchased in your local gas station, convenience mart or superstore. The effects are as expected: the users testified to entering into a state of total “I-feel-so-good-I-could-totally-care-less-what’s-going-on-around-me” somewhere close to la-la-land. On the downside, you can’t consume it if you’ll be driving or drinking alcohol. Oh…and they mentioned that the side effects aren’t known…and that very few of the manufacturers list the ingredients on the can…and only 3 of them list the percentage of each ingredient…and…and…

Imagine this scene: “OK, guys, who forgot to bring the cans of Relaxation Drink? Look at the mess we’re in! I’ve never seen such a storm!!” If anyone could have used a couple of cans of Relaxation Drink to chill, it would have been the disciples in that boat!

You recall the story: Jesus was with the disciples, asleep, when a tremendous storm arose. His followers were fear stricken as waves covered the boat and they…well, they didn’t have Relaxation Drinks to calm them; but they did something far better. They cried out to the One who was with them: Jesus! He immediately got up “and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.” (Matthew 8:26)

Calm in a can? No thanks! I’ll take up the century-old offer of the very same Jesus who brought calm to the storm that night. He invited us: “Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

This rest that Jesus offers, my friends, is the only calm that has no side effects. It has endured the test of time, and proves itself over and over to be 100% effective: anytime, anywhere. You won’t find lasting, true calm in a can, even if you try all 300+ brands. You’ll only find it in Jesus. Take Him up on His offer.


One Response to RELAXATION DRINKS: Can You Really Find Calm in a Can?

  1. Peg says:

    And the calm Jesus offers is FREE! Can’t find that bargain in a can. Loved your post.


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