One of the greatest hymns of all time is “Count Your Blessings”, and in it the author encourages us to “name them one by one…see what God has done.” We fall so short of that! At least I do…so to count as many blessings as possible between now and Thanksgiving on November 28, I’m going to organize my counting – alphabetically. Today I’m counting my “A” blessings. Tomorrow it will be the “B” blessings, on Nov. 5 it will be the “C” blessings, and all through the “Z” blessings on Thanksgiving day. How about joining me?

Today some of my “A” blessings that I’m counting are:

Adriel (our middle child), aunts, artwork, arms, air, air travel, air conditioning, azaleas, aprons, apples and anything related to them.

Last week our 5 year-old grandson Milos emphatically announced that he’d like the entire world to be covered with applesauce. If he would have an “A” blessing list, applesauce would be on the top, for sure!!

Count your “A” blessings today!



  1. Dory says:

    Good one Kath


  2. Peg says:

    I love that idea! I fall asleep sometimes just counting my blessings. I well remember Mom singing or humming this song while she was working in the kitchen or even cleaning house. I still do it when I fold clothes. I count my blessings for each person I fold clothes for. I love doing it with our grandchildren! Just a thought: Can we ever be too thankful? I doubt it.


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