Moving on through the alphabet, we list “D” blessings today. They are all around us, and today I’m thanking God for them. Some of the “D” blessings I’m thankful for are:

Our daughter Denise and our son Dino, dawn, daylight, dahlias, dentists, doctors, doors, doorknobs, Danish pastry, dictionaries, dollars, dinner, deodorant, dill, dimes, desks, dishes, deals.

“D” blessings make me especially grateful. The two “D” blessings that are a big part of my life that I am very thankful for are Denise and Dino. They truly are gifts from God!

How’s your list of “D” blessings today?



  1. Delightful list! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Peg says:

    You forgot donuts! (like in Dunkin’ Donuts). All kidding aside, I agree with your list. I also like democracy, daffodils, dandilions, dollars, Dottie (as in our cousin), etc. You really set my thinking cap to work lately. Thanks much.


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