On our “Count Your Many Blessings, Name Them One by One” project, we’re listing our “F” blessings today. The first “F” blessing is faith. Where would we be if we didn’t have faith in our All-powerful, loving, eternal, faithful, unchanging, forgiving and gracious God? Let’s thank Him for faith, and look around us to discover more “F” blessings today.

Some that are on my list are: fun!!! fingers, faces, feet, firefighters, farmers, forgiveness, fireflies, flowers, fingernails, fruit, fans, freezers, fiddles, Fridays, fitness and … I’m thankful for all you, my friends!



  1. Peg says:

    Family (like you), fellowship, fire, flames,fish (like the goldfish I’m chowing on now), fun (that I enjoy with my grandkids,frosties (yummmmm)our flag, freedom to worship, freedom in Christ, and the list goes on and on and on…..


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