Among the list of my “G” blessings are some that are very dear to my heart. Let’s start with grandparents. I often thank God for my grandparents and the godly legacy they handed down to future generations. I’m thankful that our children were blessed to have known all four of their grandparents, who also loved Jesus and that by His grace (another “G” blessing) we can pass that legacy on to our grandchildren (another important “G” blessing)

Along with grandparents, grace and grandchildren, I’m thankful for grapes, gyms, grapefruit, guests, gardens, gardenias, grins, girls, gingersnaps, garages, Gatlinburg and gentleness.

What’s on your “G” blessing list?


  1. Peg says:

    Add great-grandparents to that list. George (as in Dad, and the American Jorge), gems, guitars, graham crackers… I love your lists. They really present a challenge to me to find even more blessings. (Oh, I almost forgot, gifted…that’s what you are!) Thanks.


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