Today’s “J” blessing list is short and concise. I could share an array of “J” blessings, but I’ll narrow it down to the 3 most important to me.

Jesus. “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know” is not just a song. It’s the truth I live by. Jesus loved me in the past when I was unlovable, enough to die to take the punishment for my sins. Jesus loves me in the present. He is with me and promised never to leave me. Jesus will always love me. In fact, He’s coming back to get me one day, because He wants to be with me forever.

Jorge. He is the love of my life who has shared the last 39+ years with me. Jorge is kind, loving, generous, fun, witty, gentle, wise, considerate, humble, smart, patient, forgiving and best of all, he loves Jesus! (and me)

Jehiel. He is our awesome oldest grandchild. He’s almost 7, and has brought joy to our lives since he was born. We are very thankful to be part of his life.

I thank God for my very special “J” blessings!



  1. Peg says:

    I’m also thinking of the blessing Janet was to so many of us, (even though at times we didn’t realize it). And of course my b-i-l Julius, and niece, Julie, nephew James, and our cousin Jim, and I can’t forget our grandsons, Joshua and Josiah. Such blessings we have.


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