Today we are listing “L” blessings that we’re thankful for. They are all around us! Keep your eyes open today and see how many you can list! Here are some of mine:

Our sweet 15 month old granddaughter Luciana, lists, lights, lilies, lilacs, life, lemonade, lemons, legs, livers (but not to eat), lips, lasagna, lettuce, liberty, letters, lavender, ladies and laughter.

Who can resist laughing along with an innocent baby who bellows out one of those deep belly laughs? How can a child’s pure laughter not bring a smile to your face and satisfaction to your heart? Enjoy the “L” blessing of laughter today!



  1. Peg says:

    And I have to add our precious daughter, LindaSue and our special grandchildren, Luke and Lydia-Faith. And our special friends Ladda and Larry. After eating a very yummy dinner of leftover chicken soup, I just have to add leftovers to my “L” blessings. And limitless as in the daily blessings God gives us every day! Have another blessed day.


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