Looking for “O” blessings, I found that they aren’t as visible as others. My “O” blessing list is a little shorter than most. I’m thankful for organs (internal and musical), organization, olives, Ohio, orchids, onions, Olay products, Ohioans, office space in my home, order, omelets and oranges.

Dad often told us that when he and his 3 older siblings were growing up on the farm nearly 100 years ago, their family struggled. Grandma passed away, leaving Grandpa to raise 3 young rambunctious boys and their only sister. Because they were poor, and oranges were an expensive treat “imported” from California back then, Grandpa treated each one of the kids to one orange at Christmas time. That was their present. Oranges were a huge “O” blessing for them, and no doubt they were very thankful for that yummy Christmas present!



  1. Peg says:

    And I have to add ornaments (It’s getting to that time of the year!), and Oscar, and our little friend Olivia.


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