How’s your “Count Your Many Blessings” list going? Today we’re on the outlook for “S” blessings. Some of my list looks like this:

Surprises, sandwiches, supermarkets, salt for flavor and salt for icy sidewalks, singing, salaries, sunrises, salad, sales (especially “Clearance” sales), sunsets, Snickerdoodles, sunshine, sight, soap, swimming, Sundays, stars, shoes, summertime, spinach, snorkeling, smoke detectors, shampoo, stories, and the best “S” blessing, salvation.

Our eternal salvation in Christ supersedes all the A to Z blessings! We can survive without a lot of the blessings we’ve mentioned in the past weeks, but they are all secondary. Because of Jesus, we are assured of the blessing of salvation. Praise Him for that “S” blessing today!


  1. Peg Toth says:

    I would hv\ave to add Savior, Saturdays, and of course our precious Selah-Joy and my special sister-cousin, Sandy!


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