If we were to ask a number of people “What comes to your mind when you think of Christmas?”, we would hear a variety of replies: family time, gift giving and receiving, parties, tons of food, excessive spending, overeating, baking, cold, snow (at least in some parts of the Northern hemisphere), travel, rest, traditions, Santa, Rudolph, decorations, Christmas trees, etc. While none of that is bad, it might distract us from the fact that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

The word “Christmas” comes from the Old English words “Christes Maesse”, meaning the mass or festival of Christ. The first Christmas celebration took place in Rome about the middle of the fourth century. (Information taken from

To help us celebrate Christ in all the Christmas busyness, I’ve made a Christmas acronym with the names of Jesus. (I have all the references for each name, if anyone is interested let me know.) Today we’ll take a general overview of it. Here’s what I discovered:

C – Christ, Chief Cornerstone, Counselor, Chief Shepherd

H – Heir of all things, Holy One of God, Head, High Priest

R – Redeemer, Resurrection and the Life, the Righteous

I – Immanuel, I AM

S – Servant, Stone, Shepherd

T – Truth, Teacher, True

M – Morning Star, Master, Messiah, Most Holy, Mediator

A – Almighty, Alpha and Omega, the Amen, Advocate, Author

S – Son of God, Son of David, Son of Man, Savior

From now till December 25, we’ll look at some of His names a little closer so we can focus on WHO we are celebrating this Christmas. Stay with me….



  1. Peg says:

    I love your idea! It is amazing how many names for Christ is found in the Bible. Thanks!


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