“By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life.” Proverbs 22:4

A highly influential British preacher of the late 1800’s, Charles Spurgeon, agreed with King Solomon. He wrote: “One turn of the wheel and the lowest will be at the top.” On several occasions Jesus taught the same principle: “…whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11; Luke 18:14; Matthew 23:12)

The Biblical principle is this: The way up is down. Jesus Himself is our example. Reading Philippians 2:5-9, we see that “He humbled Himself and became obedient…therefore God also has highly exalted Him…”

It’s all right to be at the bottom of the wheel. It’s OK to bit our tongue and not disclose our achievements. We don’t have to spew out all of our knowledge on a topic or try to get the upper hand. The best option is to follow the Biblical principle of humility: The way up is down.

Prayer: Father God, too often we attempt to scramble to the top of the wheel. Help us remember that the way up is down, and give us grace to be humble. Amen!


2 Responses to THE WAY UP IS DOWN

  1. Peg says:

    So true! It even extends to “down on our knees” to lift us up. Thanks.


  2. Arlene says:

    Your heart speaks to my heart. I love you my friend!


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