An Attainable Goal 1-1-16As I was leaving the Community Recreation Center the afternoon of December 31, I overheard an elderly gentleman make this comment: “My goal this year is to do some laps in the pool here. I know the instructor who teaches the adult classes.”

The first thought that popped into my mind was, “And…?” On the way home I mused.

My goal this year is to end up with a nice, fat savings account. I know the banker. “And…?”

My goal this year is to lose 15 pounds. I know the lady who runs our local weight-loss meetings. “And…?”

My goal this year is to become a heavyweight champ. I know a good trainer. “And…?”

Obviously, we’ll never attain any goal just by knowing someone; several other factors come in to play. We need planning, time, perseverance, determination and a very strong desire to reach our goal.

This year my goal – which I know is totally attainable – is to know God better to be able to honor Him more. To do that, I’ve already made a list of a lot of God’s characteristics and who He proves Himself to be. Throughout the year, I’ll be expanding my knowledge of Him and I’ll share them with you every Monday morning.

Who wants to join me press towards this attainable goal?




  1. Peg Toth says:

    Again, Kath, thanks for sharing your thoughts! And for the challenge you have given us. Have a blessed New Year.


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