What gives you happiness? What do you enjoy? Maybe your delight is found in your accomplishments, a relationship, a hobby, or a vacation. How would you finish this sentence: “I delight in _____.”? There would probably be as many answers to that question as “answer-ers”.

If God were to complete that sentence, He would say, “I delight in mercy.” The Old Testament prophet Micah confirms that: “He does not retain His anger forever, because He delights in mercy” (Micah 7:18)

Mercy, according to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “kind or forgiving treatment of someone who could be treated harshly.”

That “someone” is you, and that “someone” is me. We could be treated harshly by our God, but we’re not, because He delights in mercy. God enjoys pouring out His loyal love on us. That’s a good reason for us to praise Him and to trust Him. Doing that, we delight in our God, who delights in mercy.

(Join me every Monday for more of my quest to know God better in 2016)


  1. Peg Toth says:

    Thanks for the wisdom you’re sharing. Makes me wonder, how much mercy do I show to others.


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