The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble.” Nahum 1:7

When things are going good for us, it’s easy to acknowledge that our God is good. Then we hit a bump in the road, or suffer a devastating collision with the reality of how hard life can really be. Do we still say “God is good” with the same conviction? When our days turn into weeks, months, years or decades and nothing improves…do we cling to the truth that God is good?

Joni Ericson Eareckson Tada suffered a spinal cord injury in 1967 that left her quadriplegic. Doing the math, we calculate that to be over 17,000 consecutive days of trouble. Joni suffers unbearable pain, along with all the complications of paralysis. Even so, she lives a very productive life, ministering to suffering people around the world, quick to testify that “Life is hard, but God is good.”

Yes, our God is good all the time; our circumstances will never alter that eternal truth. God doesn’t stop being good when we suffer a “day of trouble” and become good again when our situation improves. Nothing will ever change the truth that God is good. Let’s choose to believe that our God is good all the time. Worship Him with the Gaither Vocal Band as they sing “God is Good All the Time.”    https://youtu.be/Yinlrj4fi-k

(Join me every Monday of 2016 as I share my quest to know God better.)



  1. Peg Toth says:

    So thankful for a faithful God who is always GOOD! What a blessing.


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