img_20170115_140600331Looking at our worn “WELCOME” mat as I was sweeping the front porch two hours before expecting dinner guests, I thought,  “Hmmm…this is embarrassing!”  My gut reaction was to race to the store to buy a new one at some point after pulling the dessert from the oven and peeling potatoes for our goulash; but then, I probably wouldn’t have time.

So I began to reason with myself: A worn out “WELCOME” mat is a good thing. It is proof that we’ve been blessed with a lot of friends, and we are very grateful for each of them. My thoughts kept wandering…some of those friends have moved out of town, out of state, or even on to eternity with Jesus. Some live in other countries, and we are thankful for the bond of friendship that holds us together in spite of time and distance.

Maybe you’re one of our friends whose coming and going helped wear out our “WELCOME” mat. Thank you so much for your visit! Or maybe you are a friend – or future friend – who hasn’t come see us yet. Drop in sometime! You are always….WELCOME!

The embarrassment that I felt for having a worn out “WELCOME” mat gradually turned into gratefulness, and now I consider it a treasure. It’s a good thing. In fact, I think I’ll keep it a little longer as a reminder of the value of friendship.

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