March 14, 2016

Safety. Security. Protection. From our first breath until our final one, we all need to feel safe, secure and protected. Who watches out for our safety and protection? Who can we run to when we’re afraid, or feel threatened? The Psalmist made this declaration, which has given assurance to many of God’s children throughout centuries: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, even though….” (Psalm 46:1,2)

Even though what? … Even though I’m going through the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced? Even though the storm that’s on the horizon threatens to destroy me? Even though the impending danger has the capacity to sweep me off my feet?…Even though I feel unsafe, insecure, afraid and unprotected? Is God my refuge then? Can I really count on Him?

Remember when the disciples were experiencing a scary storm and cried out to Jesus in fear? He calmed the storm and calmed them, responding, “…do not be afraid.”  (Mark 6:49,50) They found their refuge in Jesus.

When we feel like the disciples, in the middle of a destructive storm, let’s cry out to Jesus and take refuge in Him. Either He’ll calm the storm, or He’ll calm us. Maybe He’ll calm both. He is our refuge.

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